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  Day of Surgery  


Here is a brief information about the things to be care of on the day of surgery.

  • The patients are informed one day prior to surgery regarding the time at which they have to arrive for surgery.
  • Drops are given to the patient at the end of pre-operative evaluation with instructions. These drops have to be instilled by the patient at home, on the day of the surgery as instructed by the doctor before he/she arrives at the hospital.
  • After the patient's arrival at the hospital, the surgery begins soon after the pre-operative formalities are over. Patients are discharged on the same day approximately 1 hour after completion of surgery.
  • Adult patients do not have to remain hungry before the surgery. They can have their routine diet. Paediatric patients cannot have any liquid or solid diet few hours before the surgery (Attendants of the paediatric patients are individually instructed regarding the precautions they need to follow).
  • Immediately after surgery, the adult patients can resume their routine activities. Patients are given post-operative drops with instructions which they have to instill at home, till they come for the next visit for post-operative evaluation.
  • Post-operative discomfort may vary from patient to patient .The level of discomfort may also be different in both eyes of the same patient whenever the patients get both their eyes operated.
  • The patient can call the hospital or the doctor in case they have any queries or issues. His/Her calls will be promptly responded by the concerned person for any assistance.