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At the reception counter, the front office executive will ask for your basic details like name, complete address, telephone number and other details which help us in keeping your record and communicating better with you.

You will be registered and allotted a registration number in our computerized system. Your information will become a part of our computerized data base, for all future reference, every time you visit or call afterwards.

Waiting Lounge:

You now need to sit in the waiting area. You will be in the queue waiting to be seen by our optometrist first for basic detailed check-up.

Initial Detailed Eye Check up:

When your turn comes you will be called to the Optometrist’s room. Here a detailed inquiry about your eye conditions, previous treatments (if any) or surgery and your past and family history along with allergies and current medications will be documented.

Depending on the information given and eye chekcup, you will be advised for your eye(s) (Pupil/s) to be dilated for detailed examination of the retina. One of our staff members will put the dilating eye drops three time at the interval of 10 minutes in your eyes or as often as necessary. Some patients may need drops more than thrice also. Patient needs to sit and wait with the eyes closed for better effect of the drops. The waiting time for the dilation would be approximately 45 minutes.

Examination by Doctor:

When the eyes are dilated properly and depending on your turn, you will be taken into the doctor’s room. The doctor will have all the details given to the Optometrist in front of him. Depending on this information, he will do further checkup of your eye. If required, the doctor may perform necessary check-up with special slit microscopes, indirect ophthalmoscopes and other instruments

Depending on your checkup details, you may either be prescribed the treatment, laser, medicines or surgery. Depending on your disease, the doctor might also want you to undergo certain tests/ investigations prior to prescribing treatment

Once the course of treatment is decided, you will then be sent back to the reception. The reception would book an appointment for your follow-up visit or surgery as the case may be and do the billing.

Any Further Specialized Tests (If required):

Depending on your investigation and treatment you will be directed to your doctor, surgical counselor or ophthalmic technician, if required.

Refraction (Glasses):

If the doctor sees the requirement, you will be sent back to Optometrist for checking your vision and do special tests to finalize the proper prescription of your glasses.


Once the doctor sends back the patient to the reception, you will be informed by the office executive about the follow-up visit or surgery as the case may be. According to the convenience and feasibility of the patient, the appointment would be booked by the office executive. The patient would need to pay the treatment charges and would be issued a computerized receipt and the detailed case summary for his/her records.